Accessories For Men


A wristwatch is the ultimate men’s accessory. Some collectors drool over investment models, but you don’t have to drop several months’ rent to acquire a stylish timepiece. Many guys are opting for stylish (and affordable) casual watches for everyday wear.

While many casual watches are clean or even simple in appearance, the Chrono S from Vincero is more visually complex. Its array of functional dials classifies it as a chronograph, not just a display watch (if you’re interested in what all those complicated features are, we’ve got you covered).

Founded by former watch industry professionals, Vincero offers superior mechanisms and style – without an unpalatable price tag. Some die-hard watch aficionados might question if you can get high-end quality and design without paying a small fortune. Well, more than 12,000 reviews (and a 5-star average) should be a satisfying answer.

crocodile watch strap - vincero

Patterned socks

Socks are a great place to start playing with color and pattern – the entry level offbeat accessory, if you will. At the most, you’ll flash an inch or two of ankle, offering just a glimpse of a bright color or unexpected print. And even in more conservative companies, fun socks are (usually) tolerated. You can try out some more subtle options first, or jump right into bold prints and patterns.

Even though socks can be less noticeable than other accessories, keep your overall outfit in mind. If you have a more colorful shirt, choose a patterned sock rather than a brightly colored one. If you go for a strong color, keep the rest of your outfit a little more neutral – both so the socks get the attention and to avoid looking like a kids’ TV show host. Unless that’s your job. In that case, wear the silliest socks you can find.

The graphic stripes and hearts on this two-pack of Scotch & Soda socks aren’t too far out in left field, but they have more visual appeal than a solid color.

Variegated stripes and geometric patterns pop in bright colors in these Stance socks (or try them in neutral grays for a more formal feel).

Big, bold and bright, these polka dot Happy Socks are a little in-your-face, but the black and white color palette is minimalist enough to read as whimsical without edging into goofy.


While “the rules”  that get repeated dictate matching your belt to your shoes, save the shiny leather for dressier occasions. You can add some color and texture with a cloth or braided leather belt, or choose a classic leather belt with an interesting buckle to straddle the casual-formal divide.

A braided leather belt, like this one from Banana Republic, is versatile – it’s appropriate with jeans and suits alike. This is another belt that is easy to tighten or loosen, essentially creating a custom fit.

In sturdy leather and gleaming brass, this Red Wing belt reimagines a traditional pairing through the lens of a heritage brand. The full-grain leather will just look better and better with age. In this case, the resulting patina is a well-earned detail to your look.

This adjustable canvas belt from Fjallraven will grow (or shrink) with you. The buckle is a nod to military style – always a good bet. Try it in olive green or deep blue – these tones are a nice deviation from expectations, and contrast well against dress pants or jeans. The cloth webbing is especially nice in summer.

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