Essential Fashion Accessories

These accessories are sure to make that final outfit perfect with the right piece that catches people’s eyes.

Ⅰ. Fanny Packs

Perfect for shopping and holding the little things you are always needing on a night out. Cute, stylish, and affordable!

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Ⅱ. Bucket Hats

Great for any time of year. A 90s trend that is still rocking in modern day fashion. Shield your face from the sun and be sure to add this to your closet!

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Ⅲ. Clear purse

Chic and stylish! These bags are the perfect purse and have match any color. It’s clear that these are a must have for fashionistas!

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Ⅳ. Unique Shoes

Stand out and shine in a new unique pair of shoes. You will get second glances with these show stoppers!

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Ⅴ. Geometric Sunglasses

Shield from those UV rays with style with edgy shades! New sunglasses are coming out for spring in many unique and creative shapes that you can’t help to get!

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Ⅵ. Layered Chokers

A cute yet a stunning piece to complete a look. Preferably match with gold or silver necklaces but they can literally match with anything!

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Ⅶ. Hair Scarfs

Your hair frames your face as well as your style. Tie up your hair in a pony tail and tie a cute scarf around it or braid it in your hair. Super trendy for the spring!

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Ⅷ. Hoop Earrings

Of course no girl can go without a simple set of hoops! These earrings add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit (even in your sweatpants!).

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Ⅸ. Ring Collection

A little bling can go a long way. A few simple rings on your hands can create an elegant and beautiful look that will compliment your entire outfit.

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Ⅹ Basket Purse

These are trending for 2019! A cute basket weave purse can match with any outfit especially jeans and even heels. The perfect touch of simplicity.

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