Wedding dress designer reveals how she created her new look for a friend

By KELLY LOHMAN ByKELLY LOHMAN, Associated PressAUSTIN, Texas (AP) The designer of a tight wedding dress for her friend says she got the idea to add a flower to the fabric from a story she read in a newspaper.

The bride, who asked not to be named, says she found the idea amusing, but it wasn’t the only one she was inspired by.

In a series of blog posts and interviews, the bride, now 25, has shared how she started to create her wedding dress after her friend, now 35, told her she had found a new style of wedding dress.

The bride says she had never heard of the word flower before.

“She was like, ‘You know, we’re in a drought, and you’ve got to find something for us to wear,’ ” the bride said.

She began with a simple pattern, and then added a flower, and the rest was history.

“I had always wanted to go a floral-inspired look, so I knew it would be a lot of work,” she said.

She created the dress for an older friend, who has been with her since the age of 11.

She says she is not ashamed of how much her friend has grown as a person since the dress was made.

The wedding dress is made of an all-over fabric that resembles a teddy bear, and was made to fit in a 30-inch waist.

The designer says she was so inspired by the story that she had a flashback and started to think about how her friend was born in the 1950s and how she was born with a heart defect.

She also created a design for her daughter that features a flower on the front, which she says is a way of showing the pain she went through during her birth.

The couple also used a flower motif on their wedding dress that also reflects the pain and loss.

The two have been married since August and have two daughters together.