What’s in a wedding dress?

LIZARO, Italy (AP) An Italian wedding dress is a dress with a small window to the outside world.

But the dress worn by a 28-year-old bride at a reception in Lazaro on Saturday has become a symbol of defiance against a government that has jailed her for a year on charges of treason and insulting the national flag.

The bride, who is pregnant, has called on her family and fellow countrymen to wear the dress for the ceremony.

The country’s ruling party has said the law is aimed at rooting out “anti-national elements” and cracking down on protests against a proposed economic plan by President Giorgio Napolitano.

The Italian Supreme Court is due to rule on Monday whether the case should be dismissed or referred to a higher court.

The dress worn in Lazaria, on the outskirts of the Italian capital, is a modern and simple white gown with an elaborate lace pattern.

It has the same embroidered pattern as a wedding gown and has a small open window in the back to the world.

It is part of a trend in Italy of celebrating a woman’s wedding with a dress she made herself.

The lace-ups are not a typical wedding garment.

Instead, they have a more modern look and are worn for formal occasions.

The Supreme Court has rejected Napolitino’s request to dismiss the case against the bride, whose name is being withheld.

The court said the dress could not be prosecuted for treason because the statute does not specify a punishment for wearing it in public.

Napolitani said in a statement the case is a political witch hunt against the government.

Napoli has called for a new constitutional convention, which could take place as early as July.

“We must take this matter to the highest level of government and not wait for a political process,” he said.

The government has said Napolitan is facing legal challenges and that the Supreme Court will decide on the merits of the case.

The Constitutional Court is expected to rule by late June.

Napoloni has previously criticized his government’s plans to impose a new economic plan, calling it “not in the interest of the people.”

The plan, he has said, would benefit a small group of investors who are in the top one percent of earners in Italy.

The plan is aimed largely at helping struggling small businesses and the wealthy by cutting taxes and slashing benefits.

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