How to dress up like a bride train

A train carrying wedding dresses and other wedding gear has arrived in Saskatoon, Sask.

The train is part of a train full of wedding dresses that are being shipped to a couple in Manitoba for their wedding.

It will leave on Monday, and will arrive in Manitoba on Tuesday.

The couple, who live in St. Boniface, Manitoba, decided to go with a train because they wanted to take a break from their busy schedule of travelling.

“They said that they wanted a break, and it was time for us to go shopping,” said Lisa, the bride.

Lisa and her husband bought a wedding dress in St Bonifacace for their first anniversary, and she said they wanted the dress to fit them in a different way.

“We’re just looking forward to it and enjoying it,” Lisa said.

“It’s so cute and it fits in so well.”

Lisa said the dress was very comfortable, and the dresses are pretty much the only ones they have bought.

The dresses are from L’Oreal Canada.

“There’s a lot of other stuff that you can buy,” Lisa added.

“I’m really happy, it’s really beautiful and beautiful dresses.”

Lisa and John are expecting their first child together on Dec. 21.

The train, which will be operated by Saskatoon-based train company BNSF Railway, will take a couple to the Manitoba town of St Bonitac, where the couple is staying.

The journey is scheduled to take about two hours, but Lisa said it could take longer.

The bride and groom are looking forward not only to the trip but also to having a day off.

“My husband and I are just going to enjoy a little break, get back to our lives, have a little fun, but also have a big celebration,” Lisa joked.

“If we’re all together, I’m sure the whole family is going to love it.”

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