Vietnamese wedding dress is the coolest thing ever

Posted February 13, 2018 05:19:30 Vietnamese wedding dresses are the coolest things ever.

And this one, from the nation’s largest wedding dressmaker, is a hit at home.

“This is the most romantic and most romantic wedding dress in Vietnam, and it was the most requested item by the people who were there,” said the owner of the famed Hanoi-based firm.

“So I thought it was a good idea to create a couple of styles for the Vietnamese.”

The wedding dress designer was inspired by a popular traditional dress called the kieu (pronounced kh-oo), which is a long, loose robe that is decorated with a headdress and headband.

The dress is worn by women of the Vietnamese elite and has long been the center of fashion in the country.

The designer said that the most challenging part of the design was to create something that is wearable and easy to wear.

It was also important to get a high-quality material, which he said is hard to find in Vietnam.

He said that he designed the dress in two phases.

First, the material of the headband and the long robe were designed by hand.

Then he made the final product with a machine.

“You can see how it’s made in the photos,” he said.

“We made it in such a way that it looks like the headdress, but it’s not like a traditional headdress.

So it’s actually a bit of a replica of the traditional headpiece.”

Hanoi’s traditional kieu dress is one of the most popular wedding dresses in VietnamHanois traditional kui (pronunciation: khoo) wedding dress has long become a fixture at weddings and cultural celebrations, and the countrys oldest wedding dress maker is a local.

Hanois kui dress was first created by a royal princess in the 17th century and is a traditional dress worn by many of Vietnam’s elite.

Hano’s traditional wedding dress and its design, the country’s oldest wedding gown maker says, is one that has stayed with the nations elite for generations.

Hien Hsiu-kai, a prominent figure in Hano’s royal family, died in 2005.

She is remembered as one of Hanos most important figures in the past and a respected figure in Vietnamese society.

Born in Hien Nhien province in the 1960s, Hien is considered the father of modern Hanoist fashion, as well as one who made a lasting impact on the country by creating the iconic kieu, a long robe with headdress worn by the country s elite.

Born to a wealthy family, Hui was raised in a middle-class household and joined a prestigious school at age 17.

He attended a prestigious Hanoese boarding school and was a star athlete, earning scholarships for the school’s sports.

When he returned to Vietnam after college, Hieu was a regular at the country Sis and was recruited by the famous Hien Khong Ho, who founded Hien Ho and is regarded as the father or founder of Hien and the nation s most successful fashion brand.

At the time, Huanhong Ho was producing couture for the Hanoan elite and had become known for its high-fashion lines.

Hien Ho also founded the Hien Ha, a brand that has grown into one of Vietnams largest fashion brands and is owned by the state-owned Hanoiang Group.

He is also known for creating the popular Hui Ha, which is used by some of the countryís most famous celebrities.

“My name is Hien, but people say that I am the father.

Huan Ho was a great man.

He was a big influence in Huan Hui and Hien,” Hien said.

The Hien family has remained in the Hui family for generations, and its members are still active in their business.

Hui Hui said he had no idea that his company had such a huge impact in Haoi.

Huan Hsiang, the Huan Ha brand’s owner, said that Hien’s family has made Hien more famous than ever.

Hui Hsiangs family is deeply connected to HienHui said that in order to reach Hienho, he made sure to be as close to the family as possible, making sure that he and his wife, who was also involved in the design, were close to Hui Ho.

“He is a big role model.

His son, his grandson, his granddaughter are all Hien members,” Hui hsiang said.”

Hien Hui is a very respected figure, he is not only a member of Hao and Hui, he’s also a good friend of the Hao family,” Huan hsiuang said, adding that Hui has a good relationship with his father.”

I hope he will do good for the country,” Hao Hsian said.Hao said

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