Dresses for ugly wedding: The most outrageous wedding dresses

The NFL has a tradition of getting its fans dressed up in sexy wedding dresses for big parties.

But this year, they’re not just going to be out there dressing up as the “Titans,” or even “Bills.”

They’re going to put on a game.

According to ESPN, the league’s executive vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, and NFL Network’s John Clayton are set to officiate Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals.

And if you want to dress up like a superhero, this could be a great way to do it.

First off, Clayton says he has never officiated a game in which a player was dressed as a superhero.

That would be the Seahawks-Patriots game last year.

He also says the game will be officiated by his wife.

He said this will be the first game in NFL history where the officiating crew will dress up in their most ridiculous attire.

Clayton said the NFL is looking for any “tacky” costume that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Clayton also said that it will be up to the players to wear whatever they want.

So the players will be free to dress in whatever they like.

So, if you’re going for a “totally off-the-wall” costume, this will definitely be it.