‘It’s not a dress, it’s a dress’: Wedding dress designer reacts to ‘sexist’ comments

A bridal designer has spoken out after she was asked by the US media to remove a wedding dress with an image of a naked woman because she felt it was too “sexist”.

Rachael Goulson, a designer for designer label Nordstrom, was asked to remove the dress by a reporter after it was made available for sale online by a photographer who is married to an actress.

“It’s a very sexist dress,” Goulsson said in a Facebook post.

“I know a lot of women are offended by it but I think it’s important that people understand it is a wedding gown and it’s not just about a couple of men and a woman.”

Ms Goulsson, who has previously spoken out against the US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, said she felt compelled to take action against the dress because of the images accompanying it.

We celebrate each other, we celebrate the American Dream. “

This is about celebrating the people of this country.

We celebrate each other, we celebrate the American Dream.

I think we all should be able to be comfortable in our own skin.”

The photo on sale by photographer Christopher Maitland was taken at the Wedding Ceremony of his wife, actress Eva Longoria, and the photographer’s wife.

Ms Golson has previously tweeted that she was offended by the image of Longoria and said it did not represent the “fullness of a wedding”.

“I don’t think the imagery in that photograph represents the fullness of what a wedding is about,” she said.

Ms Longoria said she was “totally in love” with the photograph, which shows her and her husband dressed up in the dress, but she did not think the dress represented the full, “feminine, beautiful body”.””

It wasn’t a wedding and the people at the reception were just there for us.”

Ms Longoria said she was “totally in love” with the photograph, which shows her and her husband dressed up in the dress, but she did not think the dress represented the full, “feminine, beautiful body”.

“This was an absolute flop.

I’m so disappointed that people felt that way.

I hope it doesn’t happen again,” she told The Australian.

The dress was initially available for purchase on Nordstrom’s website, which also featured an image depicting the couple embracing.

“As a brand, Nordstrom is a place where we celebrate and celebrate women,” she added.

I know that many people find it offensive and that’s completely understandable. “

The image in the catalog is a representation of what we do.

And that is what we’re here to do.””

But this is a part of our business.

And that is what we’re here to do.”

The US-based designer has also been asked to stop selling the dress in its stores, and Nordstrom has said it was working to remove all of the offending images.

“We’re working to take this to the next level to address this problem,” Ms Goulsons Facebook post read.

“We have removed this dress and are working with the photographer to get this issue resolved.”

The couple said in their statement that the image was offensive and was not representative of what they were celebrating, and they are “heartbroken” that the dress had been removed from their store.

“The images in the ad are not what we are celebrating.

The image of our family and our wedding are what we celebrate,” the statement read.”

This dress is not representative to the many women in our lives who wear the same dress every day.

We were shocked and outraged by the images in this ad and have asked that this issue be resolved immediately.”

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