Medieval wedding dress

A dress with a medieval-style silhouette, a white and gold embellishment and a gold chain that’s meant to be a symbol of love and commitment is set to sell for more than $1 million at the Royal Collection of Ireland auction.

The dress is believed to have been worn by King Edward the Confessor, who is thought to have died around 1285.

It’s part of a collection owned by the late King Louis IX of France.

The piece is a replica of a gown worn by the Duke of Bedford, who also lived in Ireland and is thought be the father of King Arthur.

The Duke of Wellington, who married a princess in the 17th century, was also believed to be the grandfather of King George VI.

“It’s a pretty fabulous piece,” said auction house Christie’s Irish sales director, John Hickey.

“The price point is something that will make anyone who has a few hundred dollars think twice.”

The dress was part of the collection at Christie’s and is being sold at auction.

It was bought by an Irish family from Limerick who paid more than €100,000 ($120,000) to buy it.

The item will go for more when it goes on sale to raise money for the Queen’s Fund.