Couple in Hollywood hotel bridesmaid dresses says they are ‘living their dream’

A couple in Hollywood is bridal party dresses that they said “really make you feel like you’re living your dream.”

The bride, Jennifer Stelzer, and her fiancé, Josh, were at the Plaza hotel on Sunday, where the couple met their brideswedding dress designer, Eric Nadel.

Nadel was in the lobby with the bride and told the couple they were the happiest couple they had ever seen and that it was “one of the most special moments of our lives,” Stelzzer told the Daily Mail.

Nadal said the gowns would be on display at the Mall of America for a month, but that they had to “make a commitment” to make them a part of the experience.

“You will never have to shop for something like this again,” he said.

After they made their pledge, they went out for lunch and went back to the hotel for the final dress.

“We didn’t know what to expect, we were in the hotel room with nothing to wear,” Stellzer told ABC News.

“I got the feeling that we were living our dream,” Stela said.

Nelson said the couple was excited about getting their wedding dress to the Mall because they had been looking for something “a little bit more unique.”

“The wedding dress we are wearing right now is so much fun,” Steli said.

“The idea of doing something like that is really something.”