The Texas Cottage: The Texas Bride’s Wedding Dress From the Cottage of St. Teresa

The Cottage, a house in the Texas panhandle, was founded in 1846 by a young Franciscan priest.

After his death, St. Thomas, the patron saint of the cottages, was given the land and the building as the site for the new convent.

The new home for nuns is an 18-room cottage with four rooms for nuns, as well as a large room for the abbess, who resides in the adjacent St. Mary’s chapel.

The convent itself has been a center of worship for decades, and in 2012, it hosted a massive public celebration for the church.

The home is also home to a large collection of Catholic art and artifacts.

(The collection was purchased in 2012 by a group of Catholic artists.)

This year’s ceremony included a ceremony for St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Church of the Holy Cross in Rome, who had died two years earlier.

After the ceremony, the sisters of the house attended Mass in the chapel.

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