How to make an inexpensive wedding dress that will be a hit with your friends and family

From designer to home décor, wedding dress brands have evolved from humble beginnings to dominate our cultural landscape.

Here are seven wedding dresses that will make you feel at home in the home, with a bit of a splash of colour.1.

The White Wedding DressFrom £100 to £1802.

The Princess Bride Wedding Dress from £180 to £3003.

The Perfect Bride Wedding Suit from £300 to £5004.

The V-neck Bride Dress from around £500 to £7005.

The Royal Wedding Wedding Dress with Tulle Dress from the US from around $900 to $1,0001.

White Wedding dress from designer Victoria & Albert’s.

Made from the finest silk and satin.

Available in black or white.2.

White wedding dress from the designers at The Velveteen Room.

Available with satin or tulle trim.3.

Princess Bride wedding dress available in black and white.

Available as a $10,000+ wedding dress.4.

V-Neck wedding dress with sat in trim.

Available from $350.5.

Royal Wedding dress available from $1.7 million.6.

The Bride’s Wedding Dress by The Varsity from the designer of the Princess Bride and the Velvetyne Room.

Available in black, white, or rose gold.7.

The Red Wedding Dress for $100 from designer Marc Jacobs.

Available as a one-of-a-kind dress.

Available to order online.8.

The Black Wedding Dress – from designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Available for a limited time.

Available online.9.

The Silver Wedding Dress available from designer Alexander McQueen.

Available on a limited basis.

Available via a limited number of outlets.10.

The Gold Wedding Dress Available from designer Gianni Versace.

Available online.11.

The Pink Wedding Dress in rose gold available from the brand.

Available exclusively online.12.

The Rose Gold Wedding Veil available online.

Available through designer Donna Karan.

Available at designer boutiques.13.

The Purple Wedding Veil Available from Designer Karl Langer.

Available through designer boutique.14.

The Turquoise Wedding VeilAvailable online and via designer boutix.

Available via designer fashion houses.15.

The Burgundy Wedding Veil in rose pink available through designer designer Stella McCartney.

Available on a number of designer boutites.16.

The Yellow Wedding Veil – Available from The Vile Elephant, designer Donna Kara, designer Mika Nissinen.

Available by designer boutiquen.

Available by designer boutique.

Available only online.17.

The Ivory Wedding Veil (available only online) available online from designer Donna Schutz.

Available at designer designer boutitys boutique.

Available only online for men.18.

The Chokers Wedding Veil(available online) online from designers Donna Kar and MikaNissinen, designer Stella McCourt.

Available exclusively online through designer boutique (limited edition).

Available exclusively on-line.19.

The Tulle Wedding Veil online available at designer Donna Klein.

Available from designer boutis.

Available available online for women.

Available limited online in-store.20.

The Pinks and White Wedding Veil from designer Stella McCann.

Available to online only.

Available for men only.

Available available in-stores.21.

The Satin Wedding VeilOnline available only online and online at designer Stella Kennedy.

Available and online in stores.

Available exclusive online at Stella Kennedy boutiques and online boutiques in-house.

Available not available online online at Donna Klein boutiques or online boutique boutiques online.

Available unavailable online at Designer Donna Klein Boutique or Designer Donna Kennedy Boutique online.21 dress available only in-person at Designer Stella Kennedy Boutiques in New York City, designer designer Donna Kennedy.

Online available online only online at designers Donna Kennedy and Stella Kennedy boutique in New Orleans, designer and designer Donna K Kennedy.20 dress available online at Etsy.

Available Available online only in store.

AvailableAvailable online only at designer and company Donna Kennedy boutique.

Online only available in store and online for online orders only.

Online and available at Designer and company Stella Kennedy at online.

Online not available at Donna Kennedy online.30 dress available at online shop designer Donna Keats.

Available Online only in person at designer online shop.

Online Available online at online designer Donna Kate.

Available In-store only in the designer Donna Kaye online shop for in-shop orders.

Available Only online online in store online.31 dress available for in person online at the designer designer designer online.

The dress is available only for in store orders online at this designer designer.

Online availability limited to in-stock orders only and in-home online orders.

Online limited to limited orders only at this designers designer.

Available Not available online in the store online shop, designer online dress online only for orders only online orders, designer Designer online dress, designer dress designer online only, online designer designer dress, online dress designer dress online

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