How to dress for a wedding: The basics

Dress code for a reception: dress in a black and white suit, white shirt and tie, black and black tie.

Dress code: Black and white.

Dinner attire: Dinner attire in a white, red, black, and white, or gray, or orange.

Makeup: Makeup should be a neutral, matte, medium-weight powder or cream-based base.

Shoe: Choose a high-waisted, low-cut, or low-rise shoe with a heel and toe box that fits the foot and is at least half an inch longer than the shoe’s heel and foot box.

Shoes should have a flat sole.

Shorts: A short, short, or no-line dress that fits well under the dress.

Make up: A matte or powder base with a powder finish.

Dress shoes: Shoe widths from 7-11.

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