Why a rainbow wedding costume will cost you $4,000

By now, you probably have an idea of what it takes to get your fancy rainbow wedding dressed up.

If not, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the cost of a rainbow dress.

It can be up to $4.6K, or $4K in our opinion, depending on how expensive you want to go.

A rainbow wedding is one that celebrates the union of two same-sex couples, and often takes place in a venue that’s been converted to be a gay bar or restaurant.

The cost can range anywhere from $2,000-$5,000, depending upon where you live.

Here are the best places to get that fancy dress done.


Gatsby’s Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Beverly Hills, California.

$2.5K for a dress made from fabric sourced from local vendors.

It’s a dress that’s made from 100% organic cotton.


Stonewall Inn in New York City for a rainbow costume, $2K.


New York’s First Gay Bar, Brooklyn, for a pink gown, $1,500.


St. Paul’s Church of God in St. Louis for a black and white gown, for $2M.


The Palace Hotel in Paris for a white gown made from cotton and wool, for about $2 million.


The Grove, Los Angeles, for an extravagant rainbow dress made out of natural fiber, for over $2m.


The Spire in Chicago, for one of the most expensive wedding dresses ever, $4 million.


The Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, for another one of those extravagant gowns, for more than $5 million.


The Crowne Plaza Hotel, New York, for the most extravagant wedding dress ever made, $8 million.


The New York Hilton in New Jersey, for its famous rainbow gown, to the tune of $6 million.

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