The Hill’s Paul Ryan says he’d like to make ‘totally open-minded’ decision about his VP pick

Paul Ryan has said he’d be open to making “totally non-partisan” decisions on his vice presidential pick, but he’s not saying he wants to pick an Indiana Republican.

Speaking with The Hill on Sunday, Ryan said he’s open to weighing in on whether the Democratic nominee should be Vice President Joe Biden.

But he stressed he would be “absolutely” open to the idea of making the decision without any prior consultation with Biden, who has been a vocal critic of Trump.

Ryan told The Hill that Biden “hasn’t been my favorite vice president in a long time,” but said he was open to considering a second candidate for the job, especially if Biden’s former running mate, Joe Biden, were to drop out.

Biden is a registered Republican and a lifelong Republican who caucuses with the party.

Ryan and Biden both support Trump.

But while Ryan has endorsed Trump for president, he has called on Democrats to “come together” and work to fix the country’s problems, like the opioid crisis.