Wedding dress designer says wedding dress is ‘not a necessity’

A bridal dress designer in Oregon says that she and her staff make no money on their work, and that they do not need to buy a wedding dress because they are not “necessities.”

Kristi Johnson, the owner of Wedding Dress Design, said in an interview on KATU-TV that she has a full-time staff of about 10 people who make dresses, but that she does not earn money from her business.

She said she has spent years training new seamstresses and working with a team of seamstress consultants to prepare dresses for weddings. 

Johnson said she does pay the cost of materials like the fabric, and she said she hopes that by wearing her dresses to weddings, she can help others feel comfortable about choosing to wear one. 

“I’m not asking for money, but it’s not a necessity for me,” Johnson said.

“We don’t have to buy one.

We can do the job ourselves.”

Johnson said her dresses are made with the help of local fabric manufacturers.

“I have a few friends who have bought their dresses online,” she said.

“But I don’t want to say that because it’s a little bit of a risk.

It’s a bit of fun.”

Johnson told the Oregonian that she often wears a white dress and a white silk blouse.

She does not wear her wedding dress to her children’s weddings, which are typically a little more formal.

“They are probably going to want to go a little less formal, but I think I’ve gotten pretty good at that,” she told the newspaper.

“It’s a pretty simple process.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge about sewing and things like that,” Johnson told the paper.”

My idea is to make people feel comfortable in the dress and in the process. I don