Megan’s wedding dress fail: How a silk wedding dress failed to meet the standards of traditional wedding dress

A wedding dress from China that was supposed to be a perfect example of traditional Chinese wedding dress met the standards set by the U.S. military in its dress code, a report said.

But the dress didn’t meet military standards, the U!


news website reported.

It’s unclear how much damage the wedding dress caused, but a wedding dress is meant to be worn by the bride and groom to the altar.

It’s also a piece of clothing that’s meant to have a specific function in a wedding, said Matthew T. Kagan, a wedding designer in New York City.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether any of the guests were hurt.

The wedding gown was made by the designer in a workshop in Beijing.

The dress, which cost $2,500 and cost about $7,000, had been worn for two weeks, according to a report in the U!.



A wedding gown is meant for a single couple to wear together for the traditional wedding ceremony.

The ceremony is usually held in a traditional Chinese church or temple, but many weddings in China are held outdoors, where the bride wears the dress.

A bride and her guests have been wearing the wedding gown in a Chinese church since it was made in April.

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