A Viking wedding dress by The Next World

A Viking dress has been seen by TheNextWeb readers on its first ever visit to the site.

The designer of the dress, who goes by the name of Soren Stebbins, explained that the dress was made in his home country of Norway, but he also used materials that were imported from Sweden, the UK, and the Netherlands.

The bride is seen in the photo wearing the dress and sitting on a horse.

Soren Stecher explains that the designer used fabric made from the same textile that he uses for the dress in his designs.

The designers intention was to have a simple design that is not made to be very expensive, but it’s really quite striking.

The dress is made of the same fabrics as the wedding dress in Denmark.

Soren explained that he designed the dress to be as simple as possible.

He also made sure to make it as comfortable as possible, because he wanted the bride to feel very at home wearing it.

The design of the wedding gown is meant to be more than just a simple decoration.

Sorent’s inspiration comes from his life as a child in Sweden and Denmark, where he learned how to dress.

He explains that he wanted to make the dress as easy as possible to wear, but also to feel like it was something special.