What do you get when you mix Disney and Steampunk?

This wedding dress was inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, and it’s a really cute dress.

It’s a little bit of everything: It’s bright red, it has a white bodice with a black satin lining, it’s short and slim, and the top is covered in glitter and flowers.

The skirt is made from a light-brown fabric with a pink bodice, a pink trim and lace, and a white skirt with a red lace pattern.

The gown has a matching bodice and skirt, and there are flowers on the bodice.

You can see the entire dress here, but here’s a look at the details: If you’re planning on wearing this dress, make sure you have all the materials you’ll need.

The bodice is made with a light purple fabric with gold accents and a blue lining, which gives it a lovely purple look.

The red lace on the skirt is also gold.

There are also floral appliques on the straps and back of the dress.

You’ll also need a dressmaker to create your own custom fabric and lace appliques for the bodices.

You can buy this dress at Victoria’s Secret, which sells the dress online for $89.99.

If you’re looking for a little more affordable options, check out this gorgeous gown at Forever 21.