Wedding dress sale hits store shelves, bridal store says

NEW YORK — Wedding dresses are selling like hot cakes at a bridal shop in New York.

The wedding dress sale hit store shelves and the store is seeing an influx of customers looking for dresses for weddings, such as the one Beyonce wore for the Grammy Awards last week.

“It’s been absolutely incredible to see so many customers come in and purchase wedding dresses, wedding dresses for any type of occasion,” said Victoria Lopes, co-owner of The Knot in Brooklyn.

Lopes said it’s been a busy day for the store.

She said they’ve been getting so many requests for wedding dresses from the public.

The store’s regular customers are the professionals who are interested in getting their wedding dresses customized.

They’ve been ordering dresses for more than a decade and are looking for the perfect dress for the wedding they want to have.

Lopes says she’s noticed a spike in interest in bridal sales recently.

Last week, she saw people going to the store to pick out a wedding dress.

That was so exciting, because we thought that was going to be our last time selling wedding dresses.

We thought that’s what we’re doing all our lives.

Now that’s not what we do, Lopes said.

Lights, Camera and Wedding Photography by Melissa Hwang for ABC News

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