Wedding dress: Casablanca is one of the most romantic cities in Morocco

Casablancas wedding dresses have become a symbol of romance in Morocco.

They are worn by couples and by couples who have lost their lives together in tragic accidents or when one of them has died.

In 2017, a man and a woman were killed by a train in Casablas and their wedding dress, decorated with flowers and embroidery, was on display for months.

The dress was sold at auction, with a bid of around £2,000 ($3,100).

The man was the son of a prominent politician and the woman was a doctor.

They were travelling in the city when they were hit by a freight train at a crossing between the city and a nearby town.

The man died, but the woman survived and married her cousin.

Both of them lived in Casblancas.

This year, the dress became an international sensation, with thousands of people wearing it in the Casablacs city centre.

The couple were travelling together in the train station, in the same carriage as the train driver, when they died.

The husband’s death was announced by the Casblanca mayor, Mohamed Aloumi, in a Facebook post.

He said the couple had decided to marry because they were travelling alone.

In a photo posted to Facebook, the couple can be seen together in their wedding gown.

Aloui said he had received a phone call from the mayor, who asked if he would like to speak to them.

The mayor’s office told Al Jazeera that the husband had not been able to attend the funeral and was now in hospital.

In an interview with the BBC in March, Alouimi said the bride had asked him to hold a memorial service for his father, who was killed in the accident, because he had never been able “to tell him anything”.

He also said that the bride was worried that her mother might not be able to go to her funeral.

But Aloumis decision to honour the wedding dress by selling it to the highest bidder has provoked a lot of controversy.

“I’m a very happy person, but I am very worried that people will find out about the wedding,” Alouhi said.

“It’s not normal to sell your own funeral.

This is not a normal event in Morocco.”

The wedding dress sold at the auction went for around £4,000.

The bride’s cousin, who is a doctor, told Al Jadida newspaper that he would have liked to have a chance to speak with his cousin, but he was too afraid to speak.

“My cousin is a beautiful woman and she loves to make a face.

She is also a doctor and I would like her to go with us,” said the cousin.

He added that the dress has been on display in the streets of Casablac for several months.

“They have not allowed it to be seen by the public.

They want to make it a public thing.”‘

The bride was very happy’ In his post, Alouni said that he had spoken to the bride’s aunt and asked her if she would be willing to meet with her, but she refused to meet him.

“The bride had a very big smile on her face and her face looked very happy.

I asked her to sit with us.

I don’t want to ask her for money, but if you don’t mind, I would be happy to give you some money,” he said.

But the mayor’s chief of staff told Al Jamestown newspaper that the mayor had not authorised the sale.

He claimed that the wedding gown had been put up for sale by the mayor himself.

“He told me that it was not his business, and he had no knowledge about the dress.

I know that I would have to ask the mayor for permission, but this is not the time to ask permission,” the chief of the mayor said.

Alouns office did not respond to Al Jazeera’s requests for comment.’

I want to honour my cousin’s memory’ The bride is also mourning the death of her cousin, whose funeral was held on Friday in the capital, Casablá.

“We want to express our gratitude for all the kindness and generosity of our neighbours and the public, and the people of Casblacas,” the bride wrote on Facebook.

“Our father is gone, and our father is our cousin, so I would love to honour his memory, honour him, honour our city, honour the people who love us.”

She said that she and her family would hold a funeral ceremony in Casbalac next week, in honour of the bride and in honour “of all the love that we received from the people in Casabalanca”.

“It was only the last few months before the wedding that we started to have problems.

We started to feel depressed and I was depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

We have no money and we can’t buy clothes, so we were not able to buy wedding dresses.

We can’t afford to buy any,” the girl wrote