Tiffany wedding dress sold for $7M at auction

A luxury wedding dress auctioned at the Beverly Hills auction house sold for a record $7.5 million on Saturday.

The dress was purchased by the estate of Tiffany and John Jacobs, the two-time Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star.

The auction house reported the winning bid was $6.8 million.

The gown was the third time this year that Tiffany and Jacobs had sold a gown for a higher price than the record bid.

The previous two occasions came when they sold gowns worth $7 million.

It was the fourth time Tiffany and Jacob’s collection had sold gown collections.

The sale was the biggest in the history of the Beverly Hollywood estate, which is known for luxury wedding dresses.

Tiffany Jacobs’ first gown sold for the record price at auction in 2013, and the first since 2007.

In March, Tiffany Jacobs, son of the famed designer, sold a dress for $8 million at a New York auction house.