Why did we miss your sparkly, courtney wedding dresses?

A new fashion trend is coming to the forefront as a sparkly gown becomes a trend.

A fashion blog called “Fashion Savvy” says that “flirty sparkly dresses” are becoming a popular trend in 2018, as people look for sparkly accessories that are more feminine and less flashy.

In a video, designer and model Courtney Love said that “it’s about being yourself and feeling good in your own skin,” while Courtney Brown was seen in a wedding dress that showed off her curves and a little sparkle.

In an interview with the New York Post, a source for the “Favors” fashion blog explained, “You’re just looking for something that’s more feminine, and I think it’s really easy to find that sparkle.”

The source explained that the sparkly trend has been around for a while.

They also noted that some designers have been creating “stylistic combinations” of sparkly fabrics to create something “sassy, fun, and glamorous.”

The trend is now so popular, many brands have been trying to replicate it.