Victorian wedding dress code could be changed

Victorian wedding gown codes could be scrapped and the rules in place in Victoria could be replaced with modern ones, according to the country’s highest court.

The Victorian Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the rules should be changed so that the dress code is “designed for the modern day” and “not the past”.

“We are very much aware that some of the traditional Australian ways are not as we wish them to be,” Justice Anthony Bevan said.

“That is why we have taken the opportunity to revisit and revisit the Victorian dress code and have considered whether some of our existing dress codes are appropriate and appropriate to the present day.”

In a written judgment, Justice Bevan rejected the suggestion that the Victorian government had deliberately sought to change the dress codes in order to make the laws more friendly to modern dress.

“The government has not sought to impose its own dress code on Victoria,” Justice Bevans court order stated.

“Instead, it has sought to modify and harmonise existing laws to reflect the modern Australian fashion and lifestyle.”

This has resulted in the adoption of a modern dress code in the Victorian context that is not the Victorian equivalent of the Victorian version of the British National Dress Code, and in which the government has no control over the design of the dress.

“This is a matter for the Victorian Government to address in the way it chooses to proceed with this matter.”

Justice Bevan was speaking in a case brought by the Victorian Federation of Wedding Dress Designers against the Victorian Premier.

The court said the Victorian wedding industry had been “struggling” for decades to adapt to modern trends and a “tremendous amount of innovation” was required to maintain Victorian standards.

“We do not think the Victorian public are the only ones who are suffering from this,” Justice David Bevan wrote.

“Victoria’s wedding dress industry has been struggling for decades and is suffering as a result of the Government’s attempts to impose their own dress codes on Victoria.”

“This Government has sought, through legislation, to modify Victorian dress codes, to make it more friendly and modern to contemporary Australian style, and to create the Victorian Uniform Civil Dress Code as an example of modern day dress code.”

However, the Victorian Parliament has no right to determine whether the Victorian fashion industry is suitable for Victorian standards and whether the laws in place should be altered to suit the Victorian way of life.””

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The court is of the view that the current Victorian dress dress code should be replaced and that the Commonwealth Government should take a position as to whether it is appropriate to have a Victorian Uniform Dress Code.”

Topics:government-and-politics,law-crime-and,courts-and-“justice”,courts—law,victoria-5000,vic,canberra-2600,melbourne-3000,vicSource: The Australian Financial Review